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AlphaServer 800 Jumpers?

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The Question is:

I currenly have an Alpha 800 that uses the on board video port and connected to
 disks via DSSI controllers.
The DSSI controllers will be replaced with fibre ones shortly and we have been
 advised to replace the onboard video with a 'real' video card (an ELSA Gloria
I know I need to change a jumper on the mother board and disable the video card
 in the bios, but can't find any documentation/procedures  to tell me how to do
I can't find a diagram of the motherboard and ther is no useful information
 with the new video card.
Could you point me in the right direction please?

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware service provider for assistance with
  your hardware reconfiguration, and please also consider the acquisition
  of the service manual for the system.  (For information on the Compaq
  Assisted Services program and on acquiring service documentation, please
  see the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  The AlphaServer 800 uses J27 to enable and disable the on-board VGA.
  With three jumpers on the edge of the motherboard furthest from the
  motherboard I/O connectors, J27 is the middle jumper.  The normal
  position for J27 is pins 1-2 (nearest the I/O connectors), with 2-3
  (away from the I/O connectors) disabling the on-board VGA graphics.
  The SRM failsafe loader firmware selection for the AlphaServer 800 is
  located on the CPU daughtercard, within the eight jumpers of J1 that
  are located furthest from the daughtercard connector, with the jumpers
  labeled zero through seven from left to right, and specifically by
  inserting a jumper into position two.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-OCT-2000 )

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