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OpenVMS Cluster SCS over...?

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The Question is:

Somewhat related to question 4747.
Can MSCP served disks be shared thru SMB?
In a CI cluster there is an Advanced Server node (LAN node) which has no direct
 conection to the storage to be shared. The disks can be MSCP served to the LAN
 node. Can it in turn share the storage to PC clients?

The Answer is :

  Within an OpenVMS Cluster, all remote SCS-based storage access is
  typically occuring via MSCP protocols.  Local storage may or may not
  be accessed via MSCP protocols, whether in a cluster or standalone.
  (OpenVMS nodes typically use SCSI or MSCP protocols for local storage
  access, though other protocols and schemes are possible.)
  PATHWORKS (and Advanced Server) disk services can and do serve out
  disks accessed via MSCP protocols on the local node -- various network
  protocols such as SMB and NFS (server) are deliberately quite oblivious
  to the use of local storage transports, local MSCP services, or remote
  (cluster) MSCP services for storage access.
  SCS does not run over nor route over nor connect over nor utilize
  IP, DECnet, SMB, NFS, nor any other similar protocol.  SCS operates
  directly over CI, DSSI, and similar devices, and a port emulation
  (PE) is available for SCS over Ethernet, FDDI, and similar devices.
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for information on SCS; section MISC19.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-OCT-2000 )

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