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Interactive user (login) count?

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The Question is:

Our company has an Alpha 1000 with a interacive limit of 10 users.  When I do a
 'show users' command, I see that there are 7 users signed on, and 2
 subprocesses.  When I do a 'set logins' command, however, it tells me that the
 interactive limit is 10, and
 that the current interactive value is 8.  I expect the current interactive
 value to match the number of users signed on, but it seems to always be the
 number of users + 1.
Can you account for this difference?
Is there another process that is counted as an interactive user?
Can the license counter get out of synch?  Can it be reset?
Are the subprocesse relevant?

The Answer is :

  The number displayed by the SHOW USERS command as "Total number of users"
  is really "the total number of unique usernames".  It is only very loosely
  connected with the consumption of license units.
  The number displayed by SET LOGINS is a count of interactive users is another
  number altogether. It should be equal to the sum of the "Interactive" column
  from SHOW USERS.  Again, it is only loosely connected with license units.
  Licensing does its best to count the number of actual humans logged in from
  screens, as opposed to counting just logins or usernames. So, for example,
  if you are using a PC and displaying DECterms from the host using (say)
  eXcursion, you will only consume one interactive user license, regardless
  of the number of DECterms because the system perceives all the sessions as
  being the same physical user. If, from the same PC, you were to create a
  number of PowerTerm windows and Telnet each to the host, you would consume
  one interactive user license per window, because the system sees each as an
  independent user.
  To see exactly who is using what license units, use the command:
  For example:
  Another possible explanation for this situation involves kernel-mode tools
  that are sometimes used to violate software licensing agreements.
  For details of licensing and licensing agreements, see the OpenVMS Software
  Product Description (SPD; pointers in the FAQ), and see the standard terms
  and conditions agreement that typically covers software license purchases.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-OCT-2000 )

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