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Print queues stall after hardware swap?

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The Question is:

We had two print queues set up on a Muxserver 100. The Muxserver died and was
 replaced but my two print queues now don't work. Whats the problem? What's the

The Answer is :

  Check the low-level configurations of the two print queues, specifically
  checking the device(s) and the port names that are targeted for the two
  print queues.  If you cannot resolve this based on the changes made to
  the configuration and looking at the current queue configuration, please
  contact the Compaq Customer Support Center -- expect to be asked details
  of the current queue configuration, of the printing software involved, of
  the replacement MUXserver device(s), of the current state of the queues,
  and of the MUXserver hardware swap.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-OCT-2000 )

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