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Third-party SCSI device support?

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The Question is:

Good Morning,
              I have a problem with some third party disk drives(Quantum Viking
 I and some AtlasIII).  When trying to initialize them I get a Fatal Error.  I
 was wondering there was a patch out there specifically for this problem.  It's
 very frustrating a
nd alot of our customers like the Quantum products to use with there VAX and
 ALPHA systems.  We've had this problem for a couple of years and have searched
 all over for patches but have come up lame.  Was hoping the Wizard could shed
 some wisdom on this i
ssue?  Any thing you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you and
 have a good day

The Answer is :

  Please understand that the OpenVMS Wizard can (sometimes) assist with
  OpenVMS-related problems, but is not in a position to assist with SCSI
  device integration and testing efforts for third-party devices.  Please
  contact the SCSI device vendor, or please acquire a supported device.
  Compaq goes to great lengths to integrate, test, and support the
  subsystems that it sells.  It is Compaq's position that primary
  support for third party products is the responsibility of the vendor
  concerned.  Compaq holds this position both for its own products,
  and for those sold by others for use on Compaq's server platforms.
  While Compaq cannot ensure the same high level of qualification
  and integration for third party products that is provided for
  products sold by Compaq, Compaq will ensure that the Compaq server
  and system platforms meet the appropriate open system standards, and
  that nothing will be done to inhibit either technically or from a
  business perspective the ability of Compaq servers to work with other
  vendor's products.  In the event a problem occurs, Compaq will work
  diligently to ensure that the Compaq components are not the cause.
    Ask the vendor if the widget has been tested in a configuration
    similar to that proposed here.
    Ask the vendor if they claim the configuration is supported.  (Also
    consider asking what process was used to determine this support.)
    Ask the vendor how they will work with Compaq if a problem is found,
    to help the customer and Compaq to identify the source of the problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-OCT-2000 )

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