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DCPS and landscape mode?

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The Question is:

We just installed a HP8000Dn network printer and upgraded DCPS-Plus to version
 1.8.  The print queue uses rawtcpip protocol and port # 9100.  The default
 parameters for the printer are Portrait mode and duplex printing.  Eveything
 works fine with one exce
ption.  If a job is queued with the the print parameters for landscape mode
 with 2 pages per page (param of NUM=2), the output always comes out in
 Portrait mode.  Removing the page_orientation parameter and specfiying only
 yhe MU=2 parameter results in th
e printout being in landscape mode.  The duplex option (off or on) did not
 effect the results.  The problem only occurs when specifying both
 Page_orientation=LAND and NUM=2.
Any ideas as to what is causing this problem?

The Answer is :

This is the expected result.  The PAGE_ORIENTATION parameter refers to the
orientation of the printed image, not the orientation of the pages placed on the
page by NUMBER_UP.
NUMBER_UP acts differently for different values of NUMBER_UP.  For example,
while NUMBER_UP=2 produces two portrait pages oriented in landscape on the page,
NUMBER_UP=4 produces four portrait pages oriented in portrait on the page.
The DCPS Uers's Guide has more information about this.
     12.5.2 Using NUMBER_UP with Page Orientation
           When you print using NUMBER_UP, the aspect ratio (that is,
           the relationship of the height of the page to the width of
           the page) is preserved. Therefore, a portrait-shaped page
           retains its portrait shape. However, because NUMBER_UP
           may scale and rotate the pages to make the best use of the
           available space, the logical page and physical sheet may
           have different orientations.
           The pages print vertically, but you hold the sheet in
           landscape orientation to read them. To print two pages per
           sheet using portrait orientation as shown in Figure 12-5,
           use the following command:
           To print two pages per sheet using landscape orientation
           as shown in Figure 12-6, use the following command:

answer written or last revised on ( 11-OCT-2000 )

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