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Freeing up system disk space?

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The Question is:

I was having some problems with some apps, and given that I am not a VMS guru,
 I decided to shutdown the system.   When it started up, I found the problem.
  I have run out of space on by system volume (DRA1).
To compound the problem, it is is appears stuck in the bootup sequence, with
 the errors:
                qman-e-nodiskspace, disk space not available for queue manager
 to continue
                qman-i-freeback, free up 216 blocks on disk xxxxx
Of course, its a holiday weekend up here in Canada, so there no support.
Thanks for your support.

The Answer is :

  Assuming that you do not currently have a login active on the system and
  that you cannot currently establish a session (with access to sufficient
  cruft to delete here), please boot the OpenVMS system minimally (per the
  documentation on conversational bootstraps present in the OpenVMS FAQ),
  and free up some disk space.  If you have a session active or can establish
  one, then you can free up the space directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-OCT-2000 )

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