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DCPS and local printer fonts?

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The Question is:

When using DECprint Supervisor (V1.7) with DCPS-OPEN and DCPS-PLUS licenses in
 conjunction with HP LaserJet printers (various types) is it possible to make
 use of the internal fonts supplied with these printers and if so, how ?
We have sucessfully used Soft fonts with these printers using

The Answer is :

  Assuming the fonts in the HP printer are PostScript fonts, they would be
  referenced by PostScript documents printed to the printer.  Such fonts do
  not have to be included in the document since they are resident on the
  printer.  Printer-resident fonts are not specified with a command line
  option like SoftFont fonts.
  The SoftFont package was a collection of ANSI fonts, resident on the host
  system and sent with each document.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-OCT-2000 )

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