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DECwindows CDE vs Motif login performance?

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The Question is:

OpenVMS 7.1-2
DECWindows 1.2-5
I noticed that when I was logging in an old-style DECWindows session with a
 normal user, it took some time (about 30 seconds) before the Session Manager
 popped up.
On the other hand, it was instantaneous with the SYSTEM user.
So to dig the subject I created a new user and made sure he had nothing in his
 login.com to slow him down.  I also gave him all privileges.
At first, I gave him the UIC [200,1] and logged in.  I saw the same waiting
 period.  I was monitoring system activity and the newly created WSAn: process
 on another station and saw no activity whatsoever... the process just stays on
 the image "loginout.ex
e" for 30 seconds until "decw$session.exe" is started.
Then I changed his UIC to [5,1] and... tada! the Session Manager appeared right
The same behavior happens on the graphics console and on an X-terminal.
I also tried with the new desktop and it is fast in all cases... the problem is
 that I need the old desktop !
Also there is no time loss if I log into the system through a DECterm (telnet,
 "set host" or eXcursion).  It seems to be solely an issue between VMS and Motif.
Can tou tell me what is going on ?
Andre Perron
Systems Administrator
Aluminerie Alouette Inc.
Quebec, Canada
(418) 964-7232

The Answer is :

  Interesting.  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage a look at the system
  activity during login using AMDS (and particularly looking at locking
  and locking activity), at the process quotas and settings, at the
  available physical memory and system settings, at the user, system,
  and DECwindows login procedures, and at whether or not another user
  has logged into the UIC group before this user. If nothing obvious
  appears as a result of this investigation, the OpenVMS Wizard would
  encourage a call to the Compaq Customer Support Center to look into
  this difference in behaviour.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-OCT-2000 )

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