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OpenVMS and PATHWORKS without DECnet?

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The Question is:

We have a VAX 4000-105A which is to be set up as a small workgroup Pathworks
 (V6.0-300C) server.  Since all clients are TCP/IP only, we prefer to install
 ONLY TCP/IP and NOT DECnet on the VAX.  I understand SYS$NODE comes from the
 DECnet startup, but I wo
uld like to know what other implications there are in such an installation (for
 example; can LAT, LAST, etc. be run, what logicals need to be defined
 separately, etc)

The Answer is :

  There are no particular implications.
  DECnet has not been required for OpenVMS operations and for OpenVMS
  Cluster operations starting with OpenVMS V6.2.
  It is quite possible to operate OpenVMS without DECnet even on far
  earlier versions than V6.2, but starting with V6.2 and the availability
  of LANCP, and changes were made to MONITOR and related tools to permit
  the use of DECnet or IP as required.
  For a (likely partial) list of the various spots where the nodename
  is used and/or stored, please see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  You will want to configure SCSNODE and IP correctly.
  You may still want to configure DECnet-Plus (whether over DDCMP, OSI, or
  IP), solely to provide operations that are unavailable using stock IP
  protocols.  For use with DCL task-to-task communications, for instance.
  As for PATHWORKS (Advanced Server), if the client has IP or NetBeui
  networking capabilities then DECnet access is not a requirement.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-OCT-2000 )

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