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Configuring (disk or tape) devices?

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The Question is:

My tape drvie crashed and I can't find how to
set up or define a TK50 or TK85 tape device.
I just need script for doing this.
I've search everywhere.

The Answer is :

  Tape drives are not typically used in the context of the term "crash".
  On OpenVMS VAX and on OpenVMS Alpha, the detection and configuration of
  a tape drive (and the associated tape drive controller) is an entirely
  automatic and transparent process -- unless the device autoconfiguration
  process has been explicitly disabled by the system manager.
  On certain VAX systems, the usual cause of a tape drive that does not
  automatically configure is an incorrectly configured Q-bus.  Please
  see topics including (1149) and (3232) here in the Ask The Wizard area,
  and please review the information on VAX hardware referenced in the
  OpenVMS FAQ.
  With SCSI-based disk and tape devices, the usual problems that prevent
  autoconfiguration involve incorrect termination, an over-long SCSI bus,
  a unit number collision (with another device or with a SCSI controller),
  or other similar problems.  Of course, this all assumes that the SCSI
  controller itself has been configured.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage direct contact with your hardware
  maintenance organization, as it would appear at least one hardware
  error or hardware configuration error exists in this configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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