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Swapping operating system disk contents?

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The Question is:

Is it possible to do a standalone backup on an
alpha server 800 with (1 cpu)raid 0.1 mylex and restore it on an alpha server
 4100 with 2 cpu and raid 0.1 mylex, both have same memory size 1Gb, and get
 the same config and funktion as the alpha 800 system has. Installed product=
 VMS 7.2.1 Tcpip 5.0A,mot

The Answer is :

  Short answer: probably yes.
  Unlike various other platforms, OpenVMS doesn't particularly tie the
  contents of the operating system to the current configuration -- at
  most, bootstrapping with a default set of system parameters and an
  AUTOGEN pass will allow most any copy of OpenVMS Alpha to bootstrap
  on most any supported Alpha platform.
  What prerequisite layered products might be expected (in the case of
  specific "unusual" hardware; hardware not supported directly by OpenVMS
  itself and requiring one or more layered products, or hardware that
  requires explicit manual configuration), or what device names or device
  configuration a particular application environment might expect is
  another and entirely different discussion.
  Note: there is no such thing as "standalone BACKUP" for OpenVMS Alpha,
  this capability exists only on very old OpenVMS Alpha releases and on
  OpenVMS VAX systems.  All current OpenVMS Alpha releases use a bootable
  OpenVMS environment and not "standalone BACKUP".

answer written or last revised on ( 13-OCT-2000 )

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