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Seeking Compaq C++ development documentation?

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The Question is:

I assume this is a pretty stupid question to ask, but I got no manuals or sth
 liek that here.<br>
I want to link my c-program, but i get a linker error, and i dont know what to
 do against it. This is the error message:<br>
%LINK-W-NUDFSYMS, 1 undefined symbol:
%LINK-W-USEUNDEF, undefined symbol CXXL$V60_MAIN_DISPATCH referenced
 in psect $LINK$ offset %X00000020
 in module GETIP file DKD300:[USER.DOMSCH.TCPIP]GETIP.OBJ;1<br>
If u can help me, and/or tell me pages where to look at, if i encounter any
 more linker problems it would help me much.<br>
Thx a lot,
           Christian Domsch.

The Answer is :


answer written or last revised on ( 16-OCT-2000 )

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