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LINK DATMISMCH on DECC$SHR shareable image?

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The Question is:

In trying to build a C program under Alpha VMS7.2, I got this message -
%LINK-I-DATMISMCH, creation date of 31-AUG-2000 14:45 in shareable image
      differs from date of 29-DEC-1999 03:56 in shareable image library SYS$COMMO
My questions are:
1.) What is the relationship between decc$shr.exe and imagelib.olb?
2.) What can I do to correct the problem(s)?
3.) Why can't I find info pertaining to Appl development, C RTL, etc., in my
 "COMPAQ OpenVMS Version 7.2, Documentation CD-ROM"?  Is there another set of
 domcuments that may talk about how to properly link a C program with COMPAQ's

The Answer is :

  In no particular order...
  IMAGELIB.OLB is a library of shareable images that the LINKER searches
  by default.
  To correct the reported version skew, you can issue the command:
  The above error is known to arise with a version of a CRTL ECO kit.
  The C documentation is available with the layered product documentation,
  not with the operating system documentation.
  The online compiler documentation for C is available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 24-OCT-2000 )

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