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Meaning of LINKABORT error?

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The Question is:

We receive many "%%SYSTEM-F-LINKABORT, network partner aborted logical link"
Could you please shed some light on the probable causes of this message?
We run openvms v7.1, RTR v3.1-D231, UCX v4.1-12

The Answer is :

  Your TCP/IP version should be upgraded to V5.0A (with ECO) and your
  OpenVMS version to V7.1-2, though neither upgrade initially appears
  directly relevent to the reported error.
 LINKABORT,  network partner aborted logical link
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  The remote process disconnected the logical link either
                because the process exited prematurely or because it is the
                normal way for the process to disconnect the link.
  User Action:  Check to see if the node is reachable, then retry.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-OCT-2000 )

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