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Third-party software? (TCPware)

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The Question is:

How linefeeds can go AWOL?
We have two seperate VMS machines displaying the same distressing symtoms. One
 with a TCPWare TCPIP stack the other with UCX. Both running VMS 7.1.
We are telneting to a port on the VMS node that invokes a service which
 performs a "type" on a files-11 file.
This file has  additional lines regulary appended to it by an application. Each
 of the appended lines appears in the file complete with line feeds, as
 expected as the file is et up with attribute carriage control by default.
But the data appears minus the line feeds (ie continuous stream of data) when
 we telnet to the port in the manner desribed above.
However when we issue a type command on the host machine the data is dislayed
 as expected (ie with appropriate line feeds).
What might be causing this? Or failing that a method of further investigating?

The Answer is :

  Please ask the Process folks for assistance with TCPWare.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-OCT-2000 )

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