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Third-party software? (DBMS, FDML)

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The Question is:

My software team is working on an application, written in VAX FORTRAN which
 accesses a very large DBMS database.
We are presently working on bug fixes, which entails several engineers making
 code changes, compiling and linking different sections of code, and running
 and testing the application. Many of these functions are taking place at the
 same time on the same AL
PHA 1200 system.
Up until recently, this has not been a problem, we could build (compile and
 link) a section of code at the same time as someone else was running the
 application to test a recent fix.
Now, however, whenever we try to build, and we compile with the FDML
 pre-processor option, and the application is running, we get FDML errors.
The errors are specificaly due to the FDML INVOKE command.
The INVOKE command is called with several arguments, one of which is the
 database schema or subschema referenced. The errors we get show that the
 arguments to this command are being read incorrectly. (ie. if we reference a
 schema named "This_schema", the
invoke command reports that it cannot find a schema named "is_schema  ". The
 argument is being shifted when read.
Again, we do not get this problem if we build when the application is not
 running, only when we build and run at the same time.
The only thing that has changed recently is file ownership and permissions. All
 of the source files, application executables, and DB files used to be owned by
 system. They have been changed to be owned by the account which runs the
 application. But even g
iving the developers and the application account the BYPASS privilege does not
 solve the problem.
Any ideas?

The Answer is :

  Please contact Oracle, the folks that support FDML and DBMS products.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-OCT-2000 )

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