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DECnet-Plus to DECnet Phase IV?

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The Question is:

I have followed the instruction in MGMT14 to remove DECNet phase V from OpenVMS
 7. I found I need an additional logical SYS$SCRATCH to be defined before the
 PRODUCT RECONFIGURE will work. However DECNet phase V is still on my system
 and VMS is still depen
dant upon it.
I have VMS7.2-1. Should this procedure work or will it only work for VMS7.1? in
 which case can I please have some updated instruction for VMS 7.2-1.
If MGMT14 could be expanded please, or re written to account for VMS7.2-1 that
 would be great.
At what stage should I PRODUCT REMOVE for decnet phase V?
At what stage should I product install for decnet phase IV? Running from the
 boot CD does not install the product.
Also during the PRODUCT RECONFIGURE VMS the only question about DECNet states
 'Do you want support for DECNet-OSI or DECNet phase IV?' there is no choice to
 have one or the other?
Please help, I've been trying this all week.

The Answer is :

  As you are not on OpenVMS V7.1, the section referenced in the OpenVMS
  FAQ does not particularly apply to you.
  If you wish to remove DECnet-Plus, boot the distribution CD-ROM for your
  particular release, and remove the product(s) per the standard product
  reconfiguration sequence.   Most commonly:
  If this product reconfiguration sequence is not functioning, please
  contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance.
  You can have DECnet-Plus, or DECnet Phase IV, or no DECnet installed.
  The logical name SYS$SCRATCH is defined by default for all interactive
  processes logging in on OpenVMS, and for detached processes that include
  the /AUTHORIZE qualifier on the RUN command used to start the process.
  Thus it would appear that there is something odd about your local OpenVMS
  configuration, or (assuming you have bootstrapped from the CD-ROM media)
  that there is something unexpected with the menu environment.
  For feedback on the OpenVMS FAQ itself, please contact the maintainer of
  the OpenVMS FAQ -- instructions on providing feedback for the FAQ are in
  the introductory section of the FAQ.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will pass along your message to the OpenVMS FAQ
  maintainer for you, and will also pass along a question to the OpenVMS
  engineer who is the maintainer of the CD-ROM installation menu system.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-OCT-2000 )

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