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Troubleshooting eXcursion?

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The Question is:

The question is not really related directly to our alpha's, but more concerns
 connecting to them (sorry - but I couldn't find anywhere else obvious to post
 this question). I'm tryin to install Digital Pathworks & eXcursions V7.1A for
 WinNT 4.0. The proble
ms arise when I try to connect to our alpha using IP, nothing happens. I am
 specifying all the correct information in the excusrions control panel, yet
 when I try to connect, nothing happens It does however work with Win95. Are
 you aware of any problems/f
ixes? Please help - Regards Lee.

The Answer is :

    Please note that PATHWORKS 32 V7.2 is the latest release.
    Please see Chapter 5, Troubleshooting, in the eXcursion
    User's Guide.  The Wizard recommends that you enable
    eXcursion error message logging thru the eXcursion Control
    Panel and/or eXcursion network activity monitoring thru the
    Network Monitors on the eXcursion main menu.   Review the
    information gathered with these tools to help pin-point
    the problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-OCT-2000 )

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