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Landscape Printing on HP/PCL Printer?

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The Question is:

We want to stop using the LAT protocol when printing our reports. I have set up
 an HP Laserjet 4000 N printer in our system, and I have tried to print the
 reports, but as they are 132 positions wide, they don4t come up properly.
I would like to be able to change the printer queue characteristics so that
 when I print the reports come up in landscape instead of portrait as it is
 right now.
How can I do it?
These are the queue characteristics :CMPROD4> sh queue/a itlaser1/full
Printer queue ITLASER1, idle, on BIINE4::"",
mounted form DEFAULT

The Answer is :

  DCPS is the usual approach for working with Postscript printers.
  As for some of the various discussions of the HP LaserJet 4000 series
  printers and IP-based printing in general, please see following topics
  here in Ask The Wizard:
    1020, 1429, 1797, 2276, 2418, 2715, 2770, 2782, 3385, 3540
  Topic 1020 is usually the best starting point.
  Please see the OpenVMS documentation and contact the customer support
  center for assistance learning more about the OpenVMS device control
  libraries, if this HP LaserJet 4000 is a non-Postscript printer.
  Selections of specific operating modes for non-Postscript printers will
  generally involve the use of modules inserted in device control libraries.
  The name of the system default device control library is SYSDEVCTL.TLB,
  though this file will only typically exist if explicitly created.
  For detailed information on setting up and using device control libraries,
  and on print queues and print forms, please see the OpenVMS system
  management documentation.
  The following DCL should create a PCL landscape module and a PCL reset
  module, and inserts these two into a newly-created device control library
  named PCL.TLB.  (Please note that the OpenVMS Wizard DOES NOT have a PCL
  printer handy to test this with.)
         $ esc[0,7]=27
         $ open/write foo sys$scratch:pcl_landscape.txt
         $ write foo "''esc'&L10"
         $ close foo
         $ open/write foo sys$scratch:pcl_reset.txt
         $ write foo "''esc'E"
         $ close foo
         $ library/create/text sys$common:[syslib]pcl.tlb
         $ library/insert sys$library:pcl.tlb pcl_landscape.txt
         $ library/insert sys$library:pcl.tlb pcl_reset.txt
  Initialize the print queue, specifying the PCL.TLB library:
         $ INITIALIZE/QUEUE/LIBRARY=PCL.TLB... queue-name
  There are three ways to use the landscape module:
      1. Specify it explicitly:
         $ PRINT/QUEUE=queue-name/SETUP=PCL_LANDSCAPE file-name-to-print
      2. Create a form that references the setup module, using the
         $ DEFINE/FORM/SETUP=PCL_LANDSCAPE/... form-name form-number
         Then print the file specifying the form name:
         $ PRINT/QUEUE=queue-name/FORM=form-name file-name-to-print
      3. Create a form, and make it the queue's default form:
         $ SET QUEUE/DEFAULT=FORM=form-name queue-name
         Then print the file:
         $ PRINT/QUEUE=queue-name file-name-to-print
  When you send a PCL sequence to change change an attribute of the
  printer such as the PCL sequence to enable landscape operations, the
  printer may/will remain in this state until either power cycled or
  until another request cancels the previous setting.  Thus you will
  want to create a "reset module" for the queue:
  After each job, this module will be sent to the device and will reset
  whatever a previous setup or data file might have altered.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-OCT-2000 )

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