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Telnet and (missing) linefeeds?

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The Question is:

We created a UCX (V4.2-ECO3)service on a VMS system V7.1-2 as follows:
SMC03> ucx show service hnm/full
Service: HNM
                           State:     Enabled
Port:             8000     Protocol:  TCP             Address:
Inactivity:          5     User_name: ORACLE7         Process:  HNMD
Limit:               5     Active:      0             Peak:       3
File:         DSA0:[ORACLE7.HNM]HNM1.COM
Flags:        Listen
Socket Opts:  Rcheck Scheck
 Receive:            0     Send:               0
Log Opts:     None
 File:        not defined
 Reject msg:  not defined
 Accept host:
 Accept netw:
contains the following:
$ define sys$output sys$net
$ type/cont dsa0:[oracle7.hnm]health.log
When issuing from a remote system
a TELNET 'IPaddress_SMC03' 8000
we get the health.log file typed but LINE FEEDS are missed.
health.log file is a plain text file.
Can you provide any help?
Thanks a lot

The Answer is :

  Use of the PIPE command or TYPE/OUTPUT might be an alternative
  approach for the I/O redirection itself.
  DCL commands such as TYPE/CONTINUOUS are not particularly intended
  for non-interactive file access.
  You do not mention the particular type of system that is initiating
  the telnet connection.  (File formats and related assumptions are
  platform-specific, and different platforms can have very different
  Please see the telnet-related discussions in topics 1020 and 4811.
  Please move to V5.0A with the current ECO.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-OCT-2000 )

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