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PCSI kit abort? (TNF, OPFAIL errors)

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The Question is:

I try to install ECO:
However the PRODUCT command will reply:
SYS>product install VMS721H1_ACRTL
-DDIS-E-TNF, invalid element syntax
%PCSI-E-S_OPFAIL, operation failed
%PCSIUI-E-ABORT, operation terminated due to an unrecoverable error condition
Did something happen during the download?
I downloaded it directly to our Alpha (and once to a PC).
In both cases I get the same error message.
Any hints?

The Answer is :

  This can result from an FTP transfer that did not specify image mode,
  or from a failure or other corruption that has occured during or after
  the decompression of the downloaded file:
  Please download the above ECO kit again using FTP image mode, decompress
  the file (via RUN), and attempt to install the resulting PCSI kit.  If
  this sequence fails, please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center
  directly and request assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-OCT-2000 )

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