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Disabling DTSS daylight time switch?

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The Question is:

Our Alpha systems automatically turned the clocks back by 1 hour at 1 AM on
 Sunday 21 Oct.
We wish to disable this feature; How do we do it?. This coincided with the
 following message in the operator.log:
%DTSS-I-NOMSGS, Message Number 02958403
We are running OpenVMS V7.1 on a DEC Alpha 1000A

The Answer is :

  You could disable DTSS entirely, per the directions in the OpenVMS
  FAQ.  Or alternatively, you could disable the change:
  ncl> set dtss automatic TDF change = false
  Or you could select (or newly establish) a timezone rule that does not
  change over to daylight time.  For example, the timezone rule:
  is for a timezone that is five hours behind GMT (US East Coast), and
  that does not change to daylight savings time.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-OCT-2000 )

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