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The Question is:

I've set up a print queue to a remote printer using UCX$LPRSETUP which has
 worked fine for months. Recently however it has stopped working and I have
 found the following error message in the printer log file :-
%%%%%%%%%%%%                   26-OCT-2000 09:49:28.71  %%%%%%%%%%%%
%UCX-F-LPD_BADPORT, Error getting a port
-SYSTEM-F-INSFMEM, insufficient dynamic memory
Could you please advise on the best way to resolve this issue.
Many thanks.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume this configuration is operating with
  TCP/IP Services V4.2, with the current ECO applied.
  Please start with topics 105, 1628, and 2050 for details and some
  general background on the INSFMEM error, and techniques that can
  potentially resolving it.
  Various (unusually large) buffer settings within TCP/IP Services
  have also been known to cause this INSFMEM error, but this memory
  management area was redesigned some number of releases ago.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-OCT-2000 )

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