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Access to OpenVMS Storage from PC?

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The Question is:

I'm putting together an environment in which an AlphaServer running OpenVMS
 will be the database server, and will also have the executables of the
 application (along with the source code).  In conjunction with this, I will
 also have an NT Server which wil
l reach over to the Alpha (via xfODBC) for it's database, but will run the
 application locally (with locally-based executables).
My problem is in keeping the application executables in sync (the application
 is under development and is, therefore, dynamic).  I want to keep only one
 copy of the source code, and I want that source code to be on the AlphaServer.
  This is because only a
 subset of the application will be running in the NT environment ... but this
 subset will also be running on the AlphaServer.
Compiling on the Alpha is no problem.  The problem comes on the NT side ... I
 want to compile locally on the NT, reaching across to the AlphaServer for the
 source code.  I've been trying to find out if there is a way that a drive (or
 a directory) on an Al
phaServer running OpenVMS can be "mapped" on an NT Server.
I realize that this is specifically not an OpenVMS question, but none of my
 other avenues of research have been of any help, so maybe you could at least
 link me up with someone who knows whether or not what I am proposing is
Thanks for your time, and I'll understand if you can't help me ...

The Answer is :

  PATHWORKS (Advanced Server) and SAMBA can serve directories to other
  platforms using Microsoft SMB networking, and third-party NFS and PCNFS
  clients on your Microsoft platform can be used to access NFS-served data
  on your OpenVMS Alpha -- TCP/IP Services and third-party IP packages for
  OpenVMS can serve OpenVMS directories via the NFS protocol.
  Existing (related) storage-access discussions include (6732), (5312),
  (5298), (4941), (4908), (4726), (4154), (4153), (3997), (3706), (3558),
  (3370), (1990), (981), (916), (777), (78), and others.
  As for application development in mixed platform environments, the
  Compaq Enterprise Toolkit can potentially be of interest.  This package
  permits you to use a Microsoft-based development environment to develop
  programs on both Windows NT and OpenVMS.  (Of course, you can also
  continue to use DECset language-sensitive editor or any of the other
  means used to develop applications directly on OpenVMS.)

answer written or last revised on ( 27-AUG-2001 )

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