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SCSI tape unit change and INCONUCB?

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The Question is:

I changed the SCSI id of our DLT-minilibrary from 5 to 3, configured the new
 device MKD300 and edited TAPESTART.COM and changed Storage Class
 drive_list-parameters to right ones. ABS (v.2.2A) started backup, but when it
 tried to dismmount tape and load a
new one it reported an error:
THREAD #7:  %DISM-F-INCONUCB, Inconsistent unit control block (UCB)
THREAD #7:  $!
THREAD #7:  $ MOUNT/OV=ID $7$MKD500:
THREAD #7:  %MOUNT-I-OPRQST, device already allocated to another user
THREAD #7:  %MOUNT-I-OPRQST, device _$7$MKD500: (AHMA) is not available for moun
It is trying to access the old device. Where else should I change the new
Thanks in Advance,
Miika Pulkkinen

The Answer is :

  Reconfiguring a SCSI bus without powering down the system and other
  enclosures can lead to various run-time problems and can lead to data
  corruptions -- certain SCSI configurations and controllers do provide
  a way to quiesce the SCSI and thus permit the hardware on the SCSI to
  be reconfigured, but a traditional SCSI configuration does not (safely)
  permit this.
  The INCONUCB error implies that internal data structures indicate
  the device is mounted, but that all of the required data structures
  resulting from the MOUNT are not present.
  Consider a system reboot, as it would appear that some kernel-mode
  software is "confused".

answer written or last revised on ( 16-NOV-2000 )

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