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Multiple IP Addresses, Subnets?

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The Question is:

In your answer to Wizard 5102, an inquiry about multiple IP addresses on one
 [ethernet] interface card, your answer might possibly be incorrect.
The UCX (TCPIP, whatever) manuals describe how this can be
done.  Please explain to me why the following was NOT your
answer...and if it works, perhaps you'll update your answer:
TCPIP set interface WEA0 /host=123.456.123.456 /network=
After this command, the VMS system responds to two IP
addresses.  I've been using it for years, and occasionally with
more than two addresses.  If I understand TCPIP documentation correctly, if the
 addresses are on different
networks or subnets, TCPIP can even route between them.

The Answer is :

  Multiple IP addresses per node is commonly involved with NetRAIN and
  similar requests, and this capability is not yet available on OpenVMS.
  Use of the cluster alias is the approach that the OpenVMS Wizard
  would tend to recommend in most cases, as this avoids having to code
  IP addresses, and it avoids having to maintain the addresses in
  separate subdomains, and it avoids having to deal with IP address
  level failovers -- you can connect to the IP host name and let IP
  routing deal with the addressing.
  If you are careful, you can maintain multiple IP addresses so long
  as multiple unique subnets are used.  Existing topics include 2150,
  3010 and particularly 3015.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-NOV-2000 )

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