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Primary and Secondary Passwords?

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The Question is:

Hello !
If I have a user with two passwords (assigned using MOD/PASSW=(PW1,PW2) in the
 UAF), how do I specify the other password in DCL-commands like:

The Answer is :

  As referenced in the note in the section:
  DECnet connections deliberately do not support secondary passwords.
  Also, please see:
  The purpose of a secondary password is to support a requirement that
  two individual users be present in order to log in.  The echoing of
  the passwords during entry of a DECnet access control string would
  allow each of these two individuals to see each other's password, thus
  defeating the security provided by the mechanism.  In other words, the
  expected approach is to use a single password on any username with one
  The current (documented) password mechanism is relied upon as a security
  feature by many sites, and thus this capability is extremely unlikely to
  be removed or significantly altered in a future OpenVMS release.
  If you do not trust individual users to pick reasonable passwords, please
  look at password filters, at user education, and at the system-wide
  system password mechanism.
  For information on requiring specific characters in passwords, and on
  using longer passwords, please see topic (4612).  Password- and other
  authentication-related topics include (1461), (1475), (1645), (2938),
  (3233), (3883), (4303), (4778), (5333), (5508), (6328), and (7818).
  Among others.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-FEB-2003 )

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