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Moving user (mail) files to new system?

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The Question is:

Hello, I need to transfer all user data from a MicroVAX 3100-80 running
OVMS V6.2, which has almost nothing free space available on disks, to an
AS800 running OVMS V7.2 and the TCP/IP Services included with such release, so
 I need that all user data preserve its original atributes, thus
I tried the COPY/RCP command from the VAX system, but the following
message appears:
A Phase 1 Integration compliant OpenVMS TCP/IP product has not been
installed or properly configured on this system.
%SYSTEM-E-UNSUPPORTED, unsupported operation or function.
So I tried the transference via FTP, but once it was done, the users emails
cannot be read whithin VMS Mail, issuing the following:
MAIL> dir
%MAIL-E-NOMSGS, no messages
MAIL> dir/folder
%MAIL-E-NOTISAM, operation cannot be performed on non-ISAM message file
I have already tried to look for information about it issuing the  following
command, but  I have no info available in such systems.
$ help/message NOTISAM
%MSGHLP-F-NOTFOUND, message not found in Help Message database
%MAIL-E-NOTISAM, operation cannot be performed on non-ISAM message file
An alternative I see, It is to apply BACKUP, but there's too much user info!
 (GB's) to store the save_set on a local disk and then apply FTP, etc.  I have
no tape drives of any kind on the AS800.
Please, what should I do to fix this problem?, I really need that email
messages be available for reading by users from VMS Mail and don't be lost!.
Is there a better way for doing that transfer which I can do?
Any comments are appreciated!!!!, Thanks in advance...

The Answer is :

  Based on the initial statement, it would appear that you do not have
  a correctly-configured version of TCP/IP Services (or third-party IP
  package) installed on the OpenVMS Alpha V7.2 system, and/or that the
  required IP services have not been configured.
  The NOTISAM error would tend to indicate a file corruption has occured
  during the transfer of the MAIL.MAI file.
  IP-based file transfer tools do not necessarily protect the OpenVMS
  RMS file attributes.  The usual method of performing such transfers
  is to create a BACKUP saveset or zip kit, then using image transfer
  mode, FTP that over to the remote system and unpack it.  (The FAQ has
  a discussion of recovering from FTP corruptions of BACKUP savesets.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard would tend to use tape media for this particular
  transfer, if compatible media drives are available on both systems,
  or a drive can be transfered between systems.  Alternatively, if the
  systems are clustered together or if a disk drive can be used for the
  data transfer, a direct disk-to-disk transfer could be used.  And if
  a DECnet link can be established between these two systems, BACKUP
  can create a saveset on the remote system archiving files from the
  local system, and this saveset can be expanded on the remote system.
  You will likely want to gather the entire contents of a user's files
  and directories, including the MAIL.MAI main mail file and all of the
  MAIL$*.MAI files into a backup saveset, transfer that (via DECnet or
  via FTP binary mode), and then unpack it on the target system.  Now
  you you can delete the files of that user and the local copy of the
  saveset (assuming you did not use DECnet to create the saveset on the
  remote system), and move on to a user requiring more disk space for
  the file transfer.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-NOV-2000 )

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