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Configuring DECdts (DTSS) time server?

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The Question is:

DTSS and time sources
Due to changes in our organistation structure we now have DTSS global and local
 time servers listed to which we no longer have a connection. We wish to add
 new time sources, global and local in their place.
I have been unable to find detail on how to cull and add DTSS time servers, can
 you help  pse?

The Answer is :

  For DECdts (DTSS) information and general information on time and
  timezones, please see the OpenVMS FAQ and please see:
    The DECnet-Plus DEdts Management manual and the DECnet-Plus for
    OpenVMS Applications Installation and Advanced Configuration
    manual are both included in the DECnet-Plus documentation shelf.
  You will particularly need to install the DECdts server components
  as part of the DECnet-Plus installation and configuration if you wish
  to configure the local node to act as a DECdts (DTSS) time server.
  Also see the net$dtss_clerk_startup.ncl (client) script and the
  net$dtss_server_startup.ncl (server) script.
  TCP/IP Services support for NTP is also available.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-NOV-2000 )

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