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Remote Access to Workstation?

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The Question is:

  how do i connect to my alphastation 200 4/233
  running openvms 7.1 from my IBM compatible pc using a telnet client?
Difficulties i have
1) no manuals available (this is a second hand system).
2) I dont know whether i need to start telnet
service myself or it gets started for me on the
PS: currently using pc-keyboard and pc monitor
to log on to the system . I am capable of logging into the system(running
 openvms 7.1)
and type commands at $ prompt.
When i type commands though I am having problems with display ( unwanted escape
 chars show up) since i believe my keyboard and my monitor isnt compatible with
 what they should be.
.( Buying compatible monitor and the keyboard is costly , they cost like $500
 or so
So i decided to give a try on telneting into
my box, and i tried running Reflections 2 Telnet Client to connect to
 alphastation. ( i think i tried com1, com2 ports) , nothing showed up on screen.
what can i do to get this working ? thanks for
your time in advance.

The Answer is :

  Documentation for OpenVMS and various products including TCP/IP Services
  are available on-line, please see the OpenVMS FAQ for pointers.
  You will want to install and configure the TCP/IP Services package on
  the OpenVMS system per the available documentation.
  Assuming direct access to the AlphaStation workstation, if your keyboard
  were incorrect, you would have garbage on input.  If your video monitor
  or monitor settings were incorrect, you would have garbage on the video
  display.  Your keyboard and your video monitor have little to do with
  displayed control sequences, there is something that is incorrectly
  configured or otherwise wrong with the DECwindows DECterm terminal or
  with the local OpenVMS Alpha environment.
  That said, the OpenVMS Wizard would encourage acquiring an LK411 or
  LK461 series keyboard, as it will make keyboard input rather easier.
  If you are remotely accessing an OpenVMS Alpha system via a serial
  connection (such as via the console serial line), then you will need
  to acquire a functional terminal emulator for the client system.
  Lack of a terminal emulator, an incorrectly configured terminal
  emulator, or a terminal emulator with bugs can certainly cause the
  display of control sequences.
  When functional OpenVMS workstation hardware is available, the OpenVMS
  Wizard would tend to prefer to use the workstation directly than to
  use remote access from a remote platform.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-NOV-2000 )

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