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The Question is:

I don't know if you got the previous Q I tried to send, anyway it was
I have a problem with the SYSTEM record/user in Authorize. When I create an
 identifier and grant it to the SYSTEM user it will not show when I do "show
 system" in the authorize, but I can revoke it and it it again but it will
 never show. The program I try
 to run check that you have this identifier and this doesn't work so I'm really
 stuck on this. If I grant this id to another user it works fine but not for
 the system user. Another strange thing in the authorize is that the uic record
 for system diplays "
 UIC:    [1,4] ([1,4])" but on all other OpenVMS systems we have it displays
 "[1,4] ([SYSTEM])" even if I never added an id named SYSTEM. I would really
 appreciate some help on this issue.
By the way "Ask the wizard" is really great, actually got a lot of help from
 here but couldn't find anything usefull this time...
best regards
Mr Ulf M. Larsson
System Engineer
Tetra Pak Information Management AB

The Answer is :

  It would appear that there may be a corruption in the SYSUAF or in the
  RIGHTSLIST database, or (if this is an OpenVMS Cluster) that the cluster
  is not configured with the correct set of shared files.
  Assuming that a CONVERT and a ANALYZE/RMS pass both report no errors, the
  resolution of this will likely involve a detailed analysis of the files
  involved.  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly.
  That [1,4] does not show as [SYSTEM] indicates that there is apparently
  no RIGHTSLIST entry for the UIC.  For related details, please see the
  OpenVMS FAQ section "MGMT15. How do I change the text in a user's UIC

answer written or last revised on ( 9-NOV-2000 )

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