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telnetsym printing and LN32 ports?

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The Question is:

Dear all,
I'd like you to help me to solve this enigna:
I need to print on a network printer Compaq model LN32 using UCX as the TCP/IP
I created the print Queue using the following instruction:
$INITIALIZE/QUEUE/ON="123.456.789.101:9100"/PROCESSOR=UCX$TELNETSYM my_ip_queue
Unfortunately the port number 9100 is typical of HP JetDirect cards, infact it
 works good with an HP 8100 printer, but may be different for other
 manufacturers cards.
Could you kindly let me know what could be a valid port number to be used for
 this Compaq model?
Many thanks in advance and congratulations for the helpful support you give us.
Best regards.
Antonio Riviello

The Answer is :

  Please first use TCP/IP Services V5.0A or later, meaning the name
  of the processor would be TCPIP$RELNETSYM.
  DCPS is more commonly used with Postscript printers.
  The setup display or documentation for the particular printer is
  usually the best source for configuration information on the
  The LN32 NIC does use port 9100 for raw communications.
  Please also see topic 1020.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-NOV-2000 )

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