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Third-party hardware? (KVM switch)

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The Question is:

i just install a KVM switch in our server room and  i would like to connect a
 alpha server 2100 4/233 to the kvm, curenty this alpha has a dumb term
 connected to the serial port,  this alpha also has a grpahics card with a vga
 connection, when i connect t
he vga and keybord to the kvm all i get is a blue screen with a white cursor,
 how do i enable the card so i can use it as a text console, eventulay i would
 like to remove the serial dumb term from the alpha,
Thanks for your help

The Answer is :

  Either the KVM (Keyboard Video and Mouse) switch does not work as expected
  in this configuration, or there is a problem with the video compatibility,
  or there is a wiring problem, or the KVM switch is mis-set, or the OpenVMS
  Alpha is not configured for use with the workstation display.  (This is not
  an exhaustive list of the potential problems, of course.)
  First connect the keyboard, video, and mouse directly to the AlphaServer
  2100 series system, and ensure that the configuration operates as expected.
  (This and other similar testing will help reduce the problem scope, and
  may help you work the problem through to a resolution.)

answer written or last revised on ( 9-NOV-2000 )

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