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Password Prompts and Disabling Echo?

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The Question is:

Is it possible to write a DCL command procedure that prompts a user for their
 password and does NOT echo the password back to the screen when they enter it?
  I can't find anything in the INQUIRE or READ commands that would allow this,
 and I haven't found
a way to redirect output mid-command, so to speak.
We have written a .com program that copies mail from our Alpha server to an NT
 Exchange server but it requires a username and password - I'd like users to be
 able to run this program themselves but I'm uncomfortable with the password
 echoing on the screen

The Answer is :

  Use SET TERMINAL/NOECHO, or use an application image that prompts
  for this information with the terminal echo mechanism disabled.
  Information on approaches available to create an application that
  can prompt without echo are available in the SMG documentation and
  in the I/O User's Reference Manual -- both of these are manuals in
  the OpenVMS documentation set.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-DEC-2000 )

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