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Third-party SCSI devices on OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to replace a hard disk on my microvax 3100 model 10.  I have a
 Seagate ST31230N 1.0 G SCSI that I'm installing.  The VAX ROM hardware test
 passes all hardware checks and shows the new harddisk as available (i.e., SHOW
 DEVICE), but when I boot t
o VMS, the new harddisk is shown to be online but not mounted.  I'd tried to
 initialize the new disk and I get a "fatal drive error".  I'd tried to mount
 the new disk and I get the same "fatal drive error".  The harddisk are know to
 be new and working. Wh
at else can I try to get this hard disk to mount?

The Answer is :

  Please see topics 4467, 4409, and 2048.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-NOV-2000 )

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