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Troubleshooting OpenVMS Cluster Satellite boot?

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The Question is:

I'm booting a AlphaStation 200 4/100 for the first time into VMS as a
 satellite.  I get the VMS banner, then some mumbling about circuits to my boot
 node, then the message:
%EWA0, BNC(10base2) mode set by console
and that's where it sits ... forever!  I have booted this thing a looooong time
 ago into VMS, so I know it can work.
It's been running Linux for the past year, and the NIC seems to be working fine!

The Answer is :

  Check the cluster password and cluster group number, check the console on
  the boot server for any messages, check for errors logged on the boot/disk
  server, check the SCSSYSTEMID and SCSNODE settings (these must be unique
  across all nodes, and values cannot be reused once a pairing is used
  without a cluster reboot), check the settings of the host and controller
  allocation classes (if serving an SCS-served device via an OpenVMS host, a
  non-zero value that matches the SCS allocation class value used on the SCS
  controller is used), and check the cluster troubleshooting information in:

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2000 )

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