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GUI Development?

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The Question is:

We are looking for a product that we can load on the Alphas to develop GUI
 screens for our support personnel to use via a browser.  The screens/code will
 need capablity to access RMS index files on the Alpha.  We have reviewed
 "Webconnector" (current screens are designed in DecForms) but this did not really give us what we were
 looking for.  I need a product that we can develop screens that will allow the
 user to have mouse funcionality for push buttons, pop-ups, drop-downs, etc. I
 am currently reviewing
"Internet Product Suite".
Currently we run ALPHA Open VMS 7.2, DecForms 3.1, Cobol 2.5.
Two questions:
1.  What do you suggest?
2.  What type of language(s) can be used in developing for the "internet
 Product Suite"?

The Answer is :

  Iona, Attunity Connect, Compaq DECforms
  Web Connector, and Compaq BridgeWorks would all be potential options.
  JDBC and/or ODBC access is available via EasySoft, Attunity Connect,
  Oracle (DB Integrator), SolutionsIQ, Synergex and likely various others.
  Language packages such as Perl also offer interconnections to RMS files
  and various databases.  ICS Builder Xcessory provides development
  environments for C, C++, and Java GUIs.
  PC-based OpenVMS code development options also include the use of the
  available Enterprise Toolkit.
  Please check the CSA Software Catalog for details and other options:

answer written or last revised on ( 28-NOV-2000 )

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