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Setting default file protections?

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The Question is:

How do I set the default file protection for new .jou files? It is currently
 (s:rd,o:rwd. I have a user with SYSPRV getting a file protection violation on
 the journal file when trying to edit.

The Answer is :

  To change the default file protection, use the DEFAULT_PROTECTION ACL
  on the directory and/or the SET PROTECTION/DEFAULT command on the
  process and/or the RMS_FILEPROT system parameter.
  To change the current file protection, issue a command such as:
  This will give group and world read and execute access to the files.
  This may or may not be exactly what you want, but you can vary the
  protections to your needs.
  Please see the OpenVMS Guide to System Security for more information.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2000 )

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