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Netscape Web Browser Documentation?

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The Question is:

Just installed  Netscape Navigator Gold V3.03 for OpenVMS Alpha as instructed
ad_page.html and Installing the Navigator on your OpenVMS system for the first
Did Step 1: Downloading the files, Step 2: Expanding the self-extracting file,
 Step 3: Copying the Java class library file, and Step 4: Running the new
 version.  Instructions didn't say I needed to be running in a DECterm session,
 but once I did that, Net
scape started and I can access web pages.
Problem:  For Help | Release Notes menu option, Help | Frequently Asked
 Questions menu option, Help | Handbook menu option, and the Help | How to Get
 Support menu option, as instructed by the above page,  I get nothing for a
 couple minutes, then I get a n
o response/ sever not responding or down message.
Looked in Options, all the preferences menus and couldn't find the URLs for
 Help menu items.
Would like to have access to these help resources.  What is wrong?

The Answer is :

  Use known URLs such as www.openvms.compaq.com, as it appears that the
  URLs embedded in the version of Netscape Navigator V3.03 are outdated.
  Specifically, use direct access to the files:
  Also consider the use of Mozilla, a rather more recent browser.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-NOV-2000 )

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