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OpenVMS Futures and Roadmap?

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The Question is:

For how long is the VAX-architecture to be supported, and will Alpha be the
For how long is the VMS planed to live? Will it be replaced by UNIX in the near

The Answer is :

  Statements from envious competitors to the contrary...
  OpenVMS Alpha support and new development contines into the
  forseeable future.  Further, OpenVMS VAX support and development
  will continue as well.
  The following resources will be of interest to you:
  An email subscription to the OpenVMS Times will keep you up-to-date:
  As for your UNIX comments, a central goal of the OpenVMS DII COE project
  involves making it easier to port UNIX source code and UNIX applications
  over to OpenVMS.
  New Alpha systems are available, and new Alpha systems and new
  Alpha microprocessors are under development.
  New VAX systems can no longer be ordered.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-NOV-2000 )

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