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Third-party software? (Oracle)

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The Question is:

The company I'm working for is moving from an ACMS based database to Oracle.
 Is there any routine to extract a large quantity of data (export->import) ??
 Or do I have to write routines to extract and insert into the Oracle tables?
OH PLEASE have a routine.
Thanks in advance

The Answer is :

    ACMS is a transacation monitor. If is often used in conjuctions with
    and RDB database backend, but may also be used with RMS (indexed)
    files, RDBMS database, or an Oracle-Oracle database.
    Whatever the current database, there is always a way to get the data
    out into flat files, perhaps called report, dump, convert, or export.
    Your new Oracle database has several data loading tools, notably
    SQL*ldr to help insert that data in an efficient manner. Your Oracle
    support folks can surely help you with that.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-NOV-2000 )

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