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Print banner pages, forms, setup modules?

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The Question is:

Is there any way to specify a different set of setup modules to use for flag
 pages that are different than the setup modules that are used in the
 definition of a print form?
I have a number of HP LaserJet printers and some OCE 3165 printers that I print
 to via TCP/IP (UCX v4.2 ECO4 - Telnet & LPD symbionts) for which I'd like to
 get the flag page printed properly in a compressed font while still having the
 print job properly
processed based on the setup modules specified by the print form that is used
 to print the job.
Currently, my print jobs don't get their flag pages printed properly if the
 printer cannot handle 132 columns of output.  I get truncated flag pages and
 this makes it difficult to properly sort and route print jobs that come out on
 a high volume printer t
hat is shared by many users.
Setting up a default print form that puts the printers in a 132 column printing
 mode is not acceptable since the end users don't like to read the compressed
 print when the entire print job is compressed.  I only want the flag page to
 be compressed.

The Answer is :

  All banner pages format information to the width and length of the
  default form size of 80 characters by 51 lines.  You can control the
  wrapping and the truncation.  You could also roll your own symbiont
  or replace module(s) in an existing symbiont, of course -- the existing
  symbionts do not have forms for bracketing the banner page.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-NOV-2000 )

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