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DCL, batch, and file protections?

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The Question is:

I'm using os -calls to create a file for later use in vms-mail (I'm sending
 this file).
"create/fdl=ud4:<tricons>tcparam.fdl -ud4:<tricons>test.dat /prot=(w:rwed)"
"set file /prot=w:rewd"   ---> just to be sure
This is working ok when I run my program interactively, but not when I'm
 running it in batch.
File, which is created doesn't have right protection and program cannot write
 anything into that file.
this is how the file looks like after the batch is completed.
2190181.MSG;1              0  (RWED,RWED,RE,)
In batch there should be no problems about user rights because I use SET
 PROC/PRIV=ALL command to avoid this.
Janne Ronkainen

The Answer is :

  Without an example of the errant DCL procedure and of any errors
  or messages in the batch log file, a specific diagnosis is quite
  For the details on how the protection mask and ownership are set,
  please see the diagram in the security manual.
  Beware of SYSPRV, as the file ownership of a created file will be
  changed to match that of the parent directory.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-NOV-2000 )

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