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Determining LAT printer port information?

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The Question is:

I have accidently overwritten a LTA port originally for Digital LA400 printer
 using the network connection on the printer, with a HP printer.  How/where can
 i find the proper nodename to set the LTA port back to the LA400?
Thank You,
Rick Middleton

The Answer is :

  The LA400 series printer does not have a network interface card (NIC).
  LAT access thus likely uses external printer or terminal server -- a
  device such as the RapidPrint 500 or the DECserver 250 -- attached to
  the printer's parallel port.
  To print a configuration sheet from the RapidPrint -- this page will
  include the LAT service information -- press the tiny button on the
  back of the unit.
  Configuration information from the DECserver 250 or other DECserver
  generally requires matching the Ethernet address against the DECnet
  or LANCP MOP database on the node (or cluster) servicing downloads
  for the device.  Also see the information on the DECserver console
  port when the DECserver is powered up (and displayed as part of the
  local or MOP download bootstrap).
  If the device attaching the LA400 printer to the network is not a
  RapidPrint 500 or DECserver series device, refer to the device's
  documentation to see what the LAT service name might be.
  You could also potentially restore the queue system and the local
  site-specific LAT startup information from an existing system BACKUP,
  and check that for the queue and LAT device configuration.
  For IP printer port information, please see topics (4045) and
  particularly (3960).

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JAN-2002 )

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