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Calculating Thermal (BTU) Heat Load?

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The Question is:

I am researching for the British Thermal Units (BTUs/hr) on MicroVax 3100 Model
 30, Model 40, Model 90, and Storage Expansion. Also, I am looking for BTUS/hr
 on Digital Monitor VT420. Do you have any ideas what are the BTUs/hr on the
 following equipments
that I had listed above? Let me know.
I am doing a research for getting a new air conditioner in our computer room.
 That is why I need the BTUs/Hr.
Lenny Arbacheski

The Answer is :

  For the purposes of air conditioning and thermal loads, a rough thermal
  calculation can obviously be made solely from the volt-amperes -- per a
  rather well-known law of physics, input power eventually ends up as heat.
  Connect a watt or an ampere meter and measure the system requirements, or
  use the platform's volt-amperage rating, or (better) check the rating of
  the system's power supply, and then use the formula:
    Watts equals BTUs per hour times 0.2930711
  Various VAX hardware-level specifications can be found on-line at:
  Various MicroVAX 3100 systems are circa 200 watts or less -- depending
  on peripherals and such, of course.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2000 )

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