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Seeking UNIX-like tools?

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The Question is:

Is there any utility in openVMS 7.2 like the split in unix?. we need to
 transfer a 5GB file to the unix box using ftp.
thanks for your help.

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS does not itself directly include a mechanism to chunk files (if
  that is what this UNIX "split" tool does), though one could easily be
  written using available example code.  The OpenVMS Wizard would expect
  that Freeware versions of a UNIX-like split utility are available for
  OpenVMS from various sources.
  The OpenVMS FAQ has pointers to sources of UNIX-like tools for OpenVMS,
  but no specific references to a "split" tool.  (Some InfoZIP kits will
  include a "split" tool.)

answer written or last revised on ( 12-DEC-2000 )

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