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traceroute: icmp socket: not owner?

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The Question is:

Will I be able to get a traceroute result?
SYS Info: UCX 4.2, OS 7.1h, Compaq Netcape Enterprise 3.02 w/ PERL V5.004_03
$ TIME        = F$TIME()
$ write sys$output "Content-type: text/plain"
$ write sys$output ""
$ write sys$output "Connection Status"
$ write sys$output "DATE: ''WEEKDAY',''TIME'''BOFF'"
$ write sys$output ""
$ write sys$output "Traceroute Results:"
$ deck/dollars="__END__"
   while(<TRACE>) {
    print "$_\n";
  }  close(OUT);
$ write sys$output ""
$ write sys$output "TRACEROUTE BLV-HUB-01"
$ exit
Sends this back to the browser:
Connection Status
DATE: Thursday, 7-DEC-2000 11:46:12.41
Traceroute Results:
traceroute: icmp socket: not owner
traceroute: icmp socket: not owner
I can think of ways to do this, such as having another process (this script
 works under my login as a .com file) create the information for the script to
 pick up and show to the browser. I wanted this to work completely from the
 browser request. Apache we
b server and UCX 5.0A are not an option at this time. Please comment if that
 upgrade would help to provide a solution. Thanks for your time.

The Answer is :

  There are enough components involved here that the OpenVMS Wizard
  would recommend trying to divide up the operation -- perform the
  traceroute directly from the DCL CGI script, for instance -- to
  try to localize the particular source of the problem.  Also ensure
  that the CGI script is running with sufficient OpenVMS privileges
  enabled to perform the traceroute task.
  Please also move to TCP/IP Services V5.0A ECO1 or later, and to
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 or later.  A Perl V5.5-3 installation kit is
  also available at the OpenVMS website.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-DEC-2000 )

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