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Print Files, Queues, Spooling?

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The Question is:

What is the purpose of the .SEQ file in the printer spool directory. I have had
 a problem with a printer queue that didn't have an SEQ file. When I deleted
 and readded the queue the SEQ file mysteriously appeared and the queue started
I have another problem with a queue that has a file called CFA827ADS01_ADS.COM
 in the spool directory. Would this file be causing a problem?

The Answer is :

  This appears to be specific to the local printing environment or to
  an unidentified layered product or third-party package, as OpenVMS
  queue management itself does not maintain a printer spool directory.
  With standard print queues, the original file is printed.  With
  direct access (non-queued) to a spooled device, a temporary file is
  inserted into the file structure of the target spool disk device for
  the particular output device.
  You will need to contact the Compaq Customer Support Center (or the
  organization that is supporting the particular print spooling software
  in use here) in order to continue this investigation.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-DEC-2000 )

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