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FM Device Class Not Defined

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The Question is:

On our AlphaCluster 4100 we are getting the following DECevent message:
FM Device Class Not Defined
on device PIA0 (DSSI controller).
Can you please explain what this message mean.
Thanks in Advance.

The Answer is :

  Without details of the error itself and the frequency and provoking
  factors, the OpenVMS Wizard will assume that this message is a normal
  part of starting up an SCS connection via the DSSI, and that this
  message occurs when a node reboots.  When OpenVMS bootstraps, it
  makes temporary use of a virtual circuit (VC) during the bootstrap,
  then tears down the VC and creates a rather more permanent VC -- once
  sufficient system context has been established.
  If the above is not the scenario, please contact the Compaq Customer
  Support Center directly for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-DEC-2000 )

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